Vision Therapy Success Stories

See what our patients have to say about Vision Therapy at PFE:

It helped me to read better and not see double vision.  —E.Y., age 7


Vision therapy has had a wonderful impact on my daughter.  She will now initiate reading on her own and enjoys it!  She does not complain about her eyes or head hurting anymore after schoolwork.  The strain on her eyes is greatly reduced by her new skills.  Dr. Stacie, Ms. Kim, and the entire staff are so wonderful!  —parent of patient E.Y.

Vision Therapy has been such a blessing. My son really struggled with double vision in school and sports. After working with Ms. Kim and Dr. Kelvin he began to improve dramatically. He no longer complains of books or words being broken. His sports have also improved. Ms. Kim and Dr. Kelvin are very knowledgeable and really helped us through this process. —parent of patient C.W.

It was awesome because of all the fun activities like Mental Blocks and because Ms. Kim is the best eye teacher ever because she is always nice and she always gives me fun things to do like Mystery Bag, Items on a Tray, etc. —C.S., age 10


C.S. has come so far with vision therapy.  He has gained confidence both in sports and school.  Ms. Kim and Dr. Stacie always made therapy and homework challenging but fun.  He can easily catch a ball now.  He doesn’t struggle with board work at school anymore.  Vision therapy was a game and life changer for C.S. —parent of patient C.S.

My experience is about getting a black belt in karate, taekwondo, and graduating eye therapy.  These are my goals: 1- being able to catch a ball better, 2- finish my homework sooner and have more time to play, 3- stop having headaches or blurred vision after doing reading or close work, 4- being able to read without getting so sleepy or have my eyes hurt.  I am proud to be who I am and what I am doing.  —T.C., age 8


The Vision Therapy program at Prosper Family Eyecare has provided my son T. C. with the skills he needed for eye teaming and overcoming his deficits with eye tracking.  He no longer has headaches after a long day of school.  T. C. is also able to write in small spaces.  T. C.’s therapist Miss Meredith provided excellent one-on-one care tailored to T.C.’s specific needs.  —parent of patient T.C.

Before I came here I didn’t have side vision.  Some of the activities were boring but not being able to see is more boring and annoying especially when you’re barrel racing.  I’m so glad I graduated!  —K.C., age 12


When my daughter K.C. came here she was in the 4th percentile on all the tests (overall) and she did not have any peripheral vision.  It was so scary – but after a year here, miraculously, one day her field opened up and she was completely normal.  After that, she began making much faster progress with her other vision issues.  We are so thankful to have found Prosper Family Eyecare.  —parent of patient K.C.

My vision therapy experience was wonderful.  While I was in vision therapy doing lots of very helpful eye workouts that have made my eyes much better in a couple of months.  But over that couple of months my vision therapy experience was great. —C.L., age 9

When we first met Dr. Stacie, we had just withdrawn our son from a private therapeutic school. The school did not know what do to with him, and he was completely stressed out from the various attempts to get him to cooperate.


Within a month of working with R.G. at home, I began to see behaviors and hear him say things that I had never before noticed.  For example, one day he told me that he could not look at the papers because “they were moving”.  He often told me his “brain hurt” and that his eyes were “broken”.  I had never heard these phrases and soon began to take them seriously.  Also, I noticed that when we worked with letters and shapes on the white board he recognized many, but when we went to paper work he wanted to quit immediately and the bad behavior appeared.


During the consultation with Dr. Stacie after her first evaluation of R.G., I learned about visual processing problems and retained primitive reflexes.  Where the school saw behavior problems and we saw developmental delays, Dr. Stacie and her staff saw hope.


Our weekly vision therapy sessions with Ms. Kim required hard work and lots of patience.  And she showed up each time with plenty of both.  Everything was difficult for R. G., but she and Dr. Stacie never gave up in trying to find another way to success.


Today, we not only have improvement and even “normal” test results regarding his vision challenges, but we have a happier, more confident young man.  R.G. grows in new ways every day, an one of the main reasons he has the opportunity to do so if because Dr. Stacie, Ms. Kim, and Prosper Family Eyecare believed he could.


We thank God for everyone at PFE and the difference they have made in our son’s life and in our family. —parent of patient R.G.


There are not words enough to thank you all for what you have done for R. G.  He has felt your acceptance, kindness, and encouragement every time he entered your doors.  Thank you for loving our son.  You have helped him and our family more than you could ever know.  —parent of patient R.G.

Vision therapy made my life better because I can hit a ball and I can do life without punishment to my eyes.  Thanks Miss Kristen! —N.H., age 9


Loved the vision therapy program!  N. H. learned many valuable eye skills as well as gaining self-confidence as his vision improved.  Dr. Stacie and Ms. Kristen were instrumental in helping him to realize how much he had to learn.  They were accommodating in every way! —parent of patient N.H.

I had a lot of fun here!  It helped me a lot and I have improved a ton.  I had a great experience and loved it.  Thank you!  XO —A.B., age 12


We had a very positive experience with A.B.’s vision therapy.  Ms. Kim has been wonderful to work with and very concerned about A.B.’s progress.  When I had some questions and concerns along the way, she has been very good to get back with me to help.  Dr. Stacie has also been very caring, concerned, and ready to explain the way.  Even though we have had a very pleasant experience here, I am very excited A.B. is graduating! —parent of patient A.B.

Vision therapy is fun, awesome, and helps you a lot.  Before I started vision therapy my grades were not so good and didn’t show how smart I was.  One day my family went to the eye doctor and I had to do special things.  I had to go back to the eye doctor to do special tests.  They told my mom and dad that I needed vision therapy.  I started vision therapy and it helped me.  I started to get good grades and noticed how smart I am.  School got easier through vision therapy.  Vision therapy helped me a lot and can help you a lot too.  Vision therapy was huge in making me happier at school when doing my work.  I also love Miss Kristen.  She is the best. —J.M., age 9

When I got in vision therapy I was having a hard time in school.  I could not follow pages with my eyes and my pencil grip was bad.  One of the hard and challenging things in VT were mostly the hart chart.  My mom calls it the fart chart.  I love my therapist.  She is so nice and I would love to have her again.  VT really helped me with my pencil grip and my reading back and forth and not missing any words on a page. —A.T., age 9

My experiences about therapy is that I’m glad that I came here because it has really helped me and I think it is really fun and I like getting prizes.  That is my 2nd favorite thing.  My first is that I can see much better when I started this at the beginning I couldn’t see that well so I’m glad that I came here.  Oh and I love the teachers.  They are funny.  —S.A., age 10

Working with N. D. has required patience and love.  The entire staff has demonstrated this toward not only N. D., but our whole family.  When N. D. began he was frustrated and had low confidence.  Often he was grumpy and didn’t want to push through.  Kristen was innovative and persistence and a champion for N. D. every time he needed it.  We are so grateful for the progress N. D. has made.  We are overjoyed at his confidence in his classroom abilities as well as extracurricular activities.  We love Prosper Family Eyecare.  —parent of patient N.D., age 9

My VT experience was very fun.  All the activities were helpful and I now have no double vision and I get less headaches when reading.  Both of my visual therapists were super awesome and helped me a lot.  Some of the activities were kind of hard, but everything I have done in VT as helped me in class and I can now read better. —E.W., age 19

My vision therapy was great.  I met a lot of new people and I learned to control my eye sight better.  —K.L., age 7


Thank you for all the work you did with insurance and many thanks for all involved with vision therapy.  It is a huge blessing for K.L.  And it’s wonderful to see her drawing and reading constantly.  I know she is able to do these activities, freely and happily, because of all of the work in VT.  Blessings to all. —parent of patient K.L.

My goal at the beginning of vision therapy was to see the ball better and I have seen the ball better lately.  And I wanted to see better in school.  And then I got glasses and I have seen much better.  —J.J., age 9

Through vision therapy my art and drawing has improved greatly.  Before starting VT my art was unproportioned and uneven, which is important for drawing people.  After just a few short weeks my drawings improved in proportions.  They actually look like people. —C.R. (college student), age 19

VT helped me at school and karate and even though I have ADHD it helped me read faster.  —J.L., age 8

Better basketball player.  Writing better.  —J.K., age 8

I love vision therapy.  I love you.  I like to work.  —G.W., age 10

I liked it and when Mrs. Kristen and me had played that Spot It game.  It was hard to win when I played at first.  Then I got really good at it.  Mrs. Kim was my teacher.  She helped me with my reading, baseball, and more.  I love VT. —L.M., age 7

I used to not be able to have good side vision and I now have the highest score out of everyone (except Mrs. Kristen) on the light board.  I would skip words while reading and now I am way better and I don’t skip them.  When I had my old glasses I had trouble seeing, but now I got bifocals I have improved a lot.  I used to have trouble dancing and not bumping into people.  Now I can dance without bumping into people.  —J.B., age 10


We can’t say enough about how much the program has had a positive effect on J.B.  Her grades at school are great.  She loves to read and this is all due to increased confidence because she can see well.  We will miss the Wednesday routine but are so grateful for all Dr. Stacie & Ms. Kristen have done for J.B. —parent of patient J.B.

I like VT.  It is awesome.  It is fun.  —J.H., age 8


Before my child started vision therapy, he could not catch a ball, resisted trying to read/write, and was struggling in school.  Forty weeks later, my child can now catch a football, is improving with his reading and writing skills and has gained a lot of self-confidence.  Ms. Kim and Dr. Stacie were wonderful advocates for his success.  I could never say thank you enough to everyone at Prosper Family Eyecare for helping him thrive.  Thank you!  —mother of patient J.H.


Dr. Stacie and the entire team were wonderful to work with for the past 10 months.  We saw amazing progress towards initial and modified goals and feel this program gave our son a very important foundation to build on.  Ms. Kim and Dr. Stacie communicated well with us and with our son, and gave us the tools to work with him at home to maximize the program benefits.  Thank you so much!  —father of patient J.H.

Vision Therapy has helped me and it was fun.  I will remember this for the rest of my life.  IT WAS AWESOME. —C.M., age 12


Vision Therapy fixed the problems my son was experiencing at school.  His neatness and handwriting improved and his teacher stopped giving him a hard time about being messy.  This helped with his confidence and enjoyment at school.  Vision therapy was fun.  We appreciate the care Dr. Stacie, Ms. Kim, and the Prosper Family Eyecare staff gave him.  —mother of patient C.M.

Because of VT I have improved so much on reading, writing, reading graphs, and much more.  I went from the 1% to the 98% in a little less than a year.  I have really enjoyed working with Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Kristen.  Vision therapy has been a wonderful experience that has helped me a lot at school.  I’m going to miss all the people here who have helped me get where I am now! —G.M., age 11


Vision therapy has impacted G.M. in such a positive way.  She has better balance, less headaches and an easier time reading without words jumping around.  Thank you to Dr. Stacie and Kim for such a positive experience! —parent of patient G.M.

Per the recommendation of our awesome OT, J.Y. started Vision Therapy at a young age, so I was hesitant that the program might be a bit overwhelming, especially since he was starting Kindergarten at the same time.  A year later, I am so grateful we made this decision and commitment.  Before our VT work, anytime J.Y. had to write something, he would immediately start rubbing his left eye and sluggishly write with his right.  Within a few months of therapy and working with Kristen, I saw that habit start to disappear.


He has made many additional strides, as well.  J.Y. has become such a strong reader, and I know it’s because we started strengthening his eyes early on.  I don’t even want to think about where we would be and what “foot” we would have started Kindergarten on without the help of Ms. Kristen.  The overall strength of his eyes and focus improved immensely, and this is obvious in so many areas: catching, hitting, reading, writing, and more.  J.Y. really looked forward to seeing Ms. Kristen, and she gave him the confidence he needed to fight through this challenge.


When we left the program, his eye strength and tracking ability had certainly improved.  Since then, and after completing his first quarter of 1st Grade, his letter and number reversals are much fewer and far between.  Most of all, his spatial reasoning has significantly improved.  J.Y.  really struggled with spacing between words, but now I can actually see the separation in his sentences, and he seems to have a much more centered understanding of where he is in space and where his words are on paper.  I didn’t “get” any of this prior to VT, but now I do, and I see that he is close to where he needs to be, and as explained by Dr. Stacie and Ms. Kristen, some of his remaining weaknesses will improve and develop with age.


J.Y.’s progress was slow (just because that’s how he works), but the cost and time and nights of VT homework were 100% worth it.  I know Ms. Kristen, Dr. Stacie, and the kind staff of Prosper Family Eye Care put all they could into our J.Y., and I am so appreciative of their passion, expertise, and genuine care.  There were times I was frustrated and wondered if we would ever see progress, as well as times I was ready to do away with the monthly expense and taking J.Y.  out of school early each Tuesday.  I can say now that we absolutely made the right decision, and I know this had such a positive impact on J.Y.’s academic performance, self-awareness, and overall confidence.  We are forever grateful for the ladies of Prosper Family Eye Care!  —parent of patient J.Y., age 5

Thank you Kim and Dr. Stacie for the glasses.  I think my glasses are great and they fit me just right.  I can read books and write even better after I have gone to Vision Therapy.  I am happy with my glasses and I like them too.  I wear them every single day.  Thank you for the glasses. —N.O., age 7


Upon coming to Dr. Stacie for evaluation, my son had double vision, limited peripheral vision and tired easily from the demands placed on his vision.  During the first 10 weeks, we saw tremendous improvements.  When we started with Kim in 07/2015 my son was reading 31 wpm, happy to say 15 months later he is reading 85 wpm with minimal assistance and he loves to write. —parent of patient N.O.

Before I came here, I had trouble remembering things, being distracted and when I read I would skip lines and I improved a lot on everything.  —E.F., age 9


As a parent you are always concerned when your child struggles and it’s really hard to watch!  Now that she has completed VT, she is so much happier and more confident in school.  I literally have no concerns about her keeping up with academics now.  I know that she’ll do great! —parent of patient E.F.

My son has made huge improvements over the past several months of therapy.  It was difficult to watch him struggle at first, but with persistence he improved each day.  His grades improved and his skills as a goalie improved too!  It was great to see his self-confidence increase throughout the process.  Kim was the BEST therapist!  Dr. Stacie was awesome!  Love how everyone was so helpful and encouraging!  —parent of patient D.A., age 8

Before I was struggling in school and could not focus.  But then I went to school and my teacher realized that there was something wrong with my eyes.  Then I had to go to Vision therapy for a year and made me so much improvement and my Vision Therapy teacher Miss Kristen helped me along the way and we had lots of fun but I’m glad to graduate!!  —S.K.B., age 9


Vision therapy has been an absolute game-changer for my daughter!  Before VT, she struggled with reading and writing, and was becoming negative about school in general.  Kristen and Dr. Stacie were able to pinpoint exactly what she needed to work on, and she’s improved in all areas of school.  Most importantly, her confidence is soaring.  We are so thankful for the work that is done here at PFE, and couldn’t be more pleased with our experience. Thank you so much!  —parent of patient S.K.B.

I think my experience helped me and will help me.  I liked how the homework wasn’t very homeworky as far as the boring part of homework goes.  Every time I’ve come here, I’ve never had to do anything against my will.  I give a special thanks to all the therapists that work so hard to help people. —B.C., age 9


We are absolutely thrilled with the improvements made through vision therapy with Dr. Stacie, Ms. Kristen and Ms. Mabel!  This therapy was the missing piece to the puzzle of struggles with reading, writing and anxiety in the classroom.


Dr. Stacie is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping children understand their vision issues and the therapy she prescribed changes his life.  Now he is a much more confident reader and writer and he has less anxiety about school.


Dr. Stacie spends so much time getting to know your child’s specific issues and is very patient in explaining everything to your child and you.  The Therapists are fun, well-informed and very good at their jobs.  We are so incredibly grateful for this life changing therapy for him. —parent of patient B.C.