Success Stories

What our patients are saying…


about Vision Therapy:

Vision therapy is fun, awesome, and helps you a lot.  Before I started vision therapy my grades were not so good and didn’t show how smart I was.  One day my family went to the eye doctor and I had to do special things.  I had to go back to the eye doctor to do special tests.  They told my mom and dad that I needed vision therapy.  I started vision therapy and it helped me.  I started to get good grades and noticed how smart I am.  School got easier through vision therapy.  Vision therapy helped me a lot and can help you a lot too.  Vision therapy was huge in making me happier at school when doing my work.  I also love Miss Kristen.  She is the best. —J.M., age 9

Before my child started vision therapy, he could not catch a ball, resisted trying to read/write, and was struggling in school. Forty weeks later, my child can now catch a football, is improving with his reading and writing skills and has gained a lot of self-confidence. Ms. Kim and Dr. Stacie were wonderful advocates for his success. I could never say thank you enough to everyone at Prosper Family Eyecare for helping him thrive. Thank you! —mother of patient J.H.

When we first met Dr. Stacie, we had just withdrawn our son from a private therapeutic school. The school did not know what do to with him, and he was completely stressed out from the various attempts to get him to cooperate.


Within a month of working with R.G. at home, I began to see behaviors and hear him say things that I had never before noticed.  For example, one day he told me that he could not look at the papers because “they were moving”.  He often told me his “brain hurt” and that his eyes were “broken”.  I had never heard these phrases and soon began to take them seriously.  Also, I noticed that when we worked with letters and shapes on the white board he recognized many, but when we went to paper work he wanted to quit immediately and the bad behavior appeared.


During the consultation with Dr. Stacie after her first evaluation of R.G., I learned about visual processing problems and retained primitive reflexes.  Where the school saw behavior problems and we saw developmental delays, Dr. Stacie and her staff saw hope.


Our weekly vision therapy sessions with Ms. Kim required hard work and lots of patience.  And she showed up each time with plenty of both.  Everything was difficult for R. G., but she and Dr. Stacie never gave up in trying to find another way to success.


Today, we not only have improvement and even “normal” test results regarding his vision challenges, but we have a happier, more confident young man.  R.G. grows in new ways every day, an one of the main reasons he has the opportunity to do so if because Dr. Stacie, Ms. Kim, and Prosper Family Eyecare believed he could.


We thank God for everyone at PFE and the difference they have made in our son’s life and in our family. —parent of patient R.G.


There are not words enough to thank you all for what you have done for R. G.  He has felt your acceptance, kindness, and encouragement every time he entered your doors.  Thank you for loving our son.  You have helped him and our family more than you could ever know.  —parent of patient R.G.

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