Other Services

Complete Vision Assessment and Eye Health Exam

Your comprehensive examination includes a Visual Assessment and Ocular Health Examination. It includes Eidon Retinal Imaging at no additional fee. Patients also receive iWellness at no additional fee when indicated.

iWellness and OptosOur office is proud to provide our patients with the most highly advanced digital retinal imaging technology available today! Our ability to view your internal retinal health is now dramatically improved with the Eidon (view brochure) and iWellness exam by Optovue™ OCT (view brochure). This technology gives us the ability to detect sight threatening conditions and diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and others. Early detection is crucial!

The Eidon and OCT provide:

    • Instant, non invasive images that can be taken with patients of all ages
    • A digital computerized map of the retina
    • HD real time images of all ten layers of the retina, which provide an in depth view of where disease can start
    • A cellular count of the tissues in the eye that are damaged by glaucoma
    • The ability to show you your images during your eye examination
    • A permanent record for your medical file (year to year screenings for potential eye disease and tracking of diagnosed eye disease)

Our doctors are certified to diagnose and treat ocular diseases including, but not limited to, pink eye, inflammation, infections and ocular allergy. They are also certified to remove foreign bodies from the eye.

Visual Information Processing Assessment

This is in depth evaluation of the functional visual abilities of oculomotor control (eye tracking), accommodative ability (focusing), binocular control (eye teaming ability) and stereopsis (binocular depth perception), visual motor integration, visual spatial understanding and visual processing.  The doctors will assess how vision integrates with other sense modalities and determine whether vision is supporting or interfering with performance to full potential.  The testing involves one hour with one of our doctors and about one hour with one of our trained vision therapists.  A report will be written and a parent conference scheduled to review all findings and recommendations.

Some of the areas that will be evaluated include:

  • Visual Discrimination: The ability to visually discriminate similarities and differences.
    • The ability to discriminate dominant features of objects. (For example, the ability to discriminate position/orientation, form/shape, size and color). Visual discrimination involves the ability to perceive words accurately by noting likenesses and differences in words. Children with problems in this area tend to reverse letters and numbers.
  • Visual Closure: The ability to recognize forms or objects that are missing parts or are not complete in presentation.
    • This allows the child to quickly recognize an object by mentally completing the visual image or by relating the image to previously stored information. Children with difficulty in this area will have trouble skimming a paragraph quickly and will experience trouble in the area of spelling and reading.
  • Visual Memory: The ability to remember the characteristics of a given form after a brief presentation.
  • Visual Spatial Relationships: The ability to see differences among forms when all or a part of a form has a different spatial orientation.
  • Visual Form Constancy: The ability to see the essential elements of a form, and identify them within other forms that may be smaller, larger, rotated, reversed or hidden within other designs.
    • In other words, the ability to recognize that objects and forms remain the same even if they are seen in different environments or have different positions, sizes or orientations. Children with problems in this area tend to have:
      • difficulty recognizing letters/words if they are in different fonts, uppercase/lowercase or italics/cursive.
      • difficulty relating two dimensional pictures of familiar objects to what they represent (i.e. block or a doll)
      • recognizing familiar objects & understanding their true size if they are seen at a different distance (i.e. a car seen at a distance is larger than it appears)
  • Visual Sequential Memory: The ability to remember for immediate recall a series of forms in their specific order of presentation.
  • Visual Figure Ground: The ability to perceive a form, and to locate it when embedded within other forms.
    • An example of this is performing Eye Spy or Where’s Waldo books. Children have difficulty findings something in a busy setting.
  • Visual Directionality & Laterality: The ability to correctly determine spatial directional properties of individuals, objects, and language symbols.
    • Confusion in the area of directionality may result in reversals of forms, letters such as “b” and “d” and words such as “on” and “no” and “was” and “saw”.
    • Awareness of different sides of the body; understanding the midline (right vs. left). This must be understood on the person in order to apply these concepts to space. (We always learn how to judge where things are by first learning how to relate it to ourselves.) For a child to be able to understand directionality, they must be able to understand their right vs. left.
  • Visual Motor Integration: The ability to take in, analyze, and reproduce visual information using paper and pencil.

Contact Lens Examination

Our doctors will evaluate and determine the best type of contact lens for each individual patient. This involves determining the size, shape, power and material of contact lenses, monitoring the effects of the contact lenses on the overall health of the eye and determining the need for a change in power &/or material.

Complimentary Adjustments for Life

Our commitment to your quality of life does not stop the day you pick up your eyewear. As with anything that you depend on daily for work or pleasure, your eyewear may need periodic adjustments. As our patients, we’re happy to provide these services to you for life! If for any reason your glasses seem to need a tune-up, please stop by at your convenience and we will be happy to service them at no charge. Your total satisfaction is our utmost concern, and we’re serious about assuring it.